Bloggimg is a membership based digital resources download website, all the accessible files is intellectual property of Bloggimg. Our service offers to each user the possibility of download each file that we publish and are included in the membership level the user chose.

The download speed for this files depends on the speed of the internet service of each user.

Bloggimg don’t take responsibility for the use that each user gives to the downloads, as is decision of each one decide its use.


  1. The user has right to the availability of the download links for the file type included in his membership level.
  2. The user has right to the privacy of the personal data provided, whereby Bloggimg lets him know:

The personal information treatment policy presented in this document is made according to disposed in the Politic Constitution of Colombia, the Resolution 3066 of 2011, the Law 1581 of 2012, the Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013 and other complementary disposals, this w’ll be applied for VASA Diseño for the collection, storage, use, circulation, suppression and all the activities involved in personal information treatment.

Your information won’t be sell to thirds and will be used only to the provision of the service in the Bloggimg website and to send information via email that we consider you could be interested. If you don’t want to keep receiving this messages in your inbox you can unsubscribe in the link placed within each email.

If is necessary to share your information with thirds for the provision of service, Bloggimg will aim that this third subject compromise to give the appropriate use to your personal information. However we can´t guarantee this taking full responsibility.

If the owner of the personal information feel infringed his privacy rights, he can send his claim to the email:

The claim has to content the ID information of the data owner or his representative, a description of the fact that generate such claim, an address where we can send mail and support documents to the claim. If the claim is incomplete, the one involved will be noticed within the next 3 (three) next to the claim reception to fix the failures. After 2 (two) months from the claim date, if the applicant hasn´t present the required information, we’ll assume the claim as abandoned. The maximum period to attend the claim are fifteen (15) business days from the next day to the receipt day. If is impossible to attend the claim within the stablished period of time, the applicant will be inform of the reason of the delay and the date when his claim will be attend, which can’t be larger than eight (8) business days next to the expiration of first period.

In implementing the principle of safety stablished in the Law 1581 of 2012, VASA Diseño will take the technical, humans and administrative actions, necessary to accomplish the safety of the logs, avoiding  the adulteration, lost, query, use or access not authorized or fraudulent. The staff that drive the personal information treatment will execute the stablished protocols aiming to guarantee the safety of this information.


  1. The user has right to an effective communication channel that lets him be heard and attended. So it the user has to understand any technical failure that imply a not optimal operation of the system.



The user compromise to fulfill with the terms of this document, so it give an appropriate use to the downloaded archives, to not share with thirds without permission.

The user can´t resell the downloaded files from Bloggimg, which can be used in any end product for sell, but not the file itself.