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9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Incentives to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is still a powerful tool for commercial goals, that’s why is important to keep it growing Besides the ideas given here, the key point to grow your email list is to offer something valuable to your visitor that really wort to give you his email. A strong list is a match point factor when marketing a product or service. If you wnat to find more detailed information you can go to Elegant Themes Blog.  ...

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6 Fundamentals of Usability Testing for WordPress Web Design Projects

Pretty is not enough to keep your users happy. You have to think about their experience in your site. Have you ever been hating a website because you can’t find what you want? or you can’t do what you want to do in an easy and fast way? well, these evidence of a bad usability on a website. At the end, each visitor goes to your site with a purpose, and no matter how pretty it is, or how good quality your content is, if he can’t find or do what he wants, guess what, just jumps to another of...

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6 vital points to have in mind when marketing a product or service

Powerful marketing can sell anything, and here are some vital points to have in mind to achieve this goal. No matter how good is your product or service, it won’t sell by itself only for that, so it´s critical than in any marketing campaign you´re running for this, to include these topics in your strategy. A good way to improve in the field of the message, credibility and visibility is finding partners to make cross promote of each one product, service or content. If you want more details, go to the full post on Elegant Themes blog....

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5 ways to cross promote social media posts

Find a partner to share your content on social networks is easier than you could think This kind of collaboration helps you to offer variety in your content and shares, so you won’t fall in be self-promotor and look like spammy talking all the time of you. Besides the two parts can get some benefit from each other audience....

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7 best contact form 7 extensions

Improve your forms on your website using these powerful extensions Contact Form 7 is a great plugin to use on your website for almost anything you need. This can be achieved thanks to the multiple extensions we can find in the WordPress world, mostly for free. Here is a selection of popular extensions made by Elegant Themes on their blog. Next, you’ll find the links to each one of them: 1. Contact Form 7 Select Box Editor Button 2. Contact Form DB 3. Custom Skins Contact Form 7 4. Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension 5. JQuery Validation For Contact Form 7 6. Contact Form 7...

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